I Wanna Get Better

January 24, 2016By HannahJournal No Comments

We have to choose joy and we have to keep choosing it Let me begin by saying if you didn’t sing the title of this post in your head while reading it, I highly suggest you go look up the song sung by the Bleachers as soon as you’re done reading this. I will also … Read More

College: Semester 1 Reflection

January 12, 2016By HannahCollege, Journal No Comments

I started my second semester of college today! I feel like this is now a good time to make a little post about what I’ve learned about myself, school, and life since I’ve been away at college. This one might be obvious, but I feel that sometimes we all need to be reminded that┬ápeople change.┬áPeople … Read More

Social Media Purge

January 8, 2016By HannahJournal, Lifestyle, Social Media No Comments

Comparison is the thief of joy -Theodore Roosevelt For at least the past 3 years, every time a new year would come around I would always consider unfollowing a bunch of people I no longer actively communicate with in real life on social media. However, each year I go to unfollow people, I tend to … Read More