April 2021 Review

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April 2021 was the beginning of a whirlwind of social interactions and definitely kept me on my toes at all times! It was full of fun, time with good people, and my quality time tank was filled to the brim. Here’s my review of the month!

March 2021 Review

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March 2021 gave me beautiful scenery and time with friends to share it with – just what I needed to feel rejuvenated and ready to keep moving forward! Here’s my review of the month.

February 2021 Review

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February 2021 felt like a long and steady exhale. This past month was slow, quiet, and productive in all the places I wanted it to be. Here’s what kept me occupied and afloat in February!

January 2021 Review

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January was full of making lists, setting goals, implementing rhythms and disciplines, and looking forward to the year ahead. Here’s what gave me life this past month!

Goals for 2021

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Here are my goals for 2021. I’m publicly publishing these as a form of accountability and documentation, and I’m so excited to work towards accomplishing them!

2020 Favorites

Favorites, Lists

I made some new discoveries throughout the year that kept me sane, brought me joy and creativity, and changed my life in some way. I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite finds from the year to share in hopes that they might change your life too!