Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO of Web Marketing Therapy

Hannah is a very talented web professional. Her understanding of the science of web development + the art of design, responsive user experience and content marketing make her an invaluable asset to any organization fortunate to have her on their team. As a web and social media marketing intern at my company, she embraced every … Read More

Beverly L. Graham, Ph. D

“Hannah is an intelligent and inquisitive young woman. She approaches her work with not only a positive attitude but with a genuine interest in learning. Hannah is well read and thoughtful, and an empathetic and compassionate listener that values the perspectives of others.”

Reed A. Hanna, D.M.A

“Hannah is a hardworking student, and is simply a great person to be around. She is bright, lively, and energetic and an overall delight to work with in both academic and casual settings.”