April 2021 was the beginning of a whirlwind of social interactions and definitely kept me on my toes at all times! It was completely full of fun, time with good people, and my quality time tank was filled to the brim. Here’s my review of the month!

What I did

Celebrated my friend, Cameron’s birthday. We went bowling (I won and shocked everyone, including myself haha!) and attended a comedy show! It was so fun seeing my pal surrounded by his favorite people and getting to celebrate another year of his life.

Played badminton for the first time this year. Badminton has become my favorite sporty activity since I don’t fear the object that’s being hit back and forth hitting me because it’s so light 🙂 


Hosted a game night for my small group. I absolutely love hosting and getting to laugh with people! We played Man Bites Dog, which is a super fun game where you make newspaper headlines from random words and phrases, and it made for TONS of laughs! 

Threw a bridal shower for my sister. I loved getting to decorate our home for my sister’s bridal shower – yes, please give me all the pink, florals, and glitter (and customized cookies)! It was so lovely getting to see special ladies from my sister’s life come together to celebrate her. You can see more photos here.

Attended so many family dinners (with other families than my own). This month blessed me with numerous invitations to join other families over meals in their homes, and I have never felt more seen and cared for. 

Recorded an episode for my church’s weekly podcast. I was honored with the opportunity to join my pastor and student minister on my church’s weekly podcast where they discuss the week’s reading from the Bible Reading Plan we’re reading through together as a church. We talked about the heart changes that God makes in His people, and the gift of Christ’s atoning sacrifice for our sins. You can listen to my episode on Apple and Spotify!

Podcast Recording

Celebrated my friend, Elonzo’s birthday. We went out to dinner and spent time at a park, and it was wonderful seeing how much the Lord has grown and changed him in the past year.

What I discovered

Fearless (Taylor’s Version). Miss Taylor Alison Swift blessed us with her own version of her Fearless album, which was the album that made me fall in love with her back in 2008 thanks to the Love Story music video coming on during a tv show I was watching. I am so excited to experience her other albums again as she wanted them to be. I get emotional just thinking about her getting to make her art as it always should have been, and reminiscing on where I was at in my life when the originals were released. Her music has carried me through so many seasons, and I am here for these re-releases! My favorite songs of hers from the vault are “Don’t You”, “You All Over Me”, and “Mr. Perfectly Fine”.

What made me smile

People. I hosted and was hosted so much throughout this past month, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by people who come spend time with me, and also invite me in and engage in rich conversation with me about life, faith, work, creativity, and everything in between.

What I wrote down

“My ache has a place in this story and one day it will be answered for He is risen.”Lisa Hensley

“Part of me would rather not bother you with the details. Part of me wants to tell you everything.” Philip Wang

“Nobody ever goes back to the way things were before anything. People change every day and we don’t get to choose what changes. You’ll be someone new and that’s ok.” –  Elizabeth Bruenig

“Maybe our collective silence is what we need to best hold our grief.”Annie B. Jones

“Perfectionism (has nothing to do with perfect). Because perfect is impossible and perfectionism is about hiding.”Seth Godin

“The only way we will be formed and shaped into the image of Jesus is if we are saturating and marinating in His central story and teachings consistently to the point it begins to shape and orient our entire being. Either be formed in His image, or be de-formed into something else.”Jeff Bethke

“Our acts of hope are also acts of surrender.”Christine Keegan

“God is not hindered by your doubt or questions. He wants you to be curious because He wants to be found.”Lore Ferguson Wilbert

“This is why it was so necessary that God became flesh and endured the whole human experience. In becoming vulnerable to His own skin, Jesus was able to care for the vulnerability of ours.”Lore Ferguson Wilbert

“I believe that good questions are more important than answers, and the best…books ask questions, and make the reader ask questions. And every new question is going to disturb someone’s universe.”Madeleine L’Engle

Where I saw God

My favorite woman to learn from posted a series of Instagram stories on hospitality as Christians, and this was her answer to the question, “Why is this (inviting people into our homes) necessary?” Phylicia: “The home is the primary place we spend our time. It’s where people see us for who we are. It’s where deep conversations are had. The home also gives people a real picture of the gospel playing out in your REAL life. With your kids. With your spouse. Your singleness. Your kitchen. It heals people who had terrible homes and blesses people in transition. It destroys selfishness and it bestows hope. The home matters.”

John 13:35 says, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” I was shown so much of this love this past month with how many people in my church invited me to gather around their tables and share our lives with each other, and I feel like it was just a taste of what Heaven will one day feel like.

What I’m looking forward to

May is going to be another full month! My sister is graduating with her Bachelor’s degree, we’re going to Charleston for her bachelorette weekend, I’ll be attending my first Atlanta Braves baseball game at Truist Park with my small group, and traveling to Savannah to see my first Savannah Bananas baseball game for Georgia Southern Alumni night and visit with a good friend. All of the summer fun is coming, and I am so here for it!

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  • Hannah,
    It is so good to hear your reports about your spring and coming summer activities. Hope I see you in person at Lansford Reunion. It is good to hear your glowing reports about interaction with people in your church. That is a healthy relationship. I am so glad that you have that. I know there have been some tough times this year for you and your Dad and sister. Your church family is so important in such times. But it sounds as if your life is pretty full right now. That is good.

    Hope to see you in Guntersville.

    Aunt Jan

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