April 18, 2018By HannahFaith, Journal, Life 1 Comment

Abide: to bear patiently, to endure without yielding, to wait for, to continue in a place Writing is how I process. Writing has always been my outlet. I’ve never written anything for others’ eyes in this way: halfway between stream of conscious and well-thought-out. I don’t want people to see the messy parts of my … Read More

Lent 2018: The Recap

April 7, 2018By HannahFaith, Journal, Social Media 3 Comments

I want to reach for God the way I reach for my phone – when I’m bored, when I’m uncomfortable, when I need answers or entertainment, when I’m lonely and need someone to talk to. – Cory Asbury Giving up social media for 47 days for Lent was the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but … Read More

Lent 2018

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February 14, 2018. Valentine’s Day. Ash Wednesday. The beginning of the Lenten season of the Christian liturgical calendar. I grew up as a Southern Baptist, and my church never specifically talked about Lent. I honestly can’t even remember if we lit special candles each Sunday leading up to Easter Sunday or not. That’s how little … Read More

Spring of Life (in January)

January 27, 2018By HannahJournal No Comments

I retweeted this one week after I began my first semester of senior year. I retweet a ton of tweets, but in that moment I don’t feel like I have ever felt more connected to a tweet in my life than I had with this one. I’ve been looking forward to this semester ever since I made … Read More

2018: I’m Here For You

January 26, 2018By HannahJournal No Comments

Yes, I know this is being published after the first month of 2018 is almost over. Sometimes it takes more time to settle into rhythms and completely evaluate your goals and plans, and that’s okay. The days leading up to a new year are by far my favorite days of the year. This past year, … Read More

Better Things

May 30, 2016By HannahJournal No Comments

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind C.S. Lewis For as long as I can remember I was that typical student who was always looking ahead; I was planning out what outfits to wear for my senior pictures, what kind of adventures I wanted to go on with my friends, … Read More

I Wanna Get Better

January 24, 2016By HannahJournal No Comments

We have to choose joy and we have to keep choosing it Let me begin by saying if you didn’t sing the title of this post in your head while reading it, I highly suggest you go look up the song sung by the Bleachers as soon as you’re done reading this. I will also … Read More

College: Semester 1 Reflection

January 12, 2016By HannahCollege, Journal No Comments

I started my second semester of college today! I feel like this is now a good time to make a little post about what I’ve learned about myself, school, and life since I’ve been away at college. This one might be obvious, but I feel that sometimes we all need to be reminded that people change. People … Read More

Social Media Purge

January 8, 2016By HannahJournal, Lifestyle, Social Media No Comments

Comparison is the thief of joy -Theodore Roosevelt For at least the past 3 years, every time a new year would come around I would always consider unfollowing a bunch of people I no longer actively communicate with in real life on social media. However, each year I go to unfollow people, I tend to … Read More

Farewell 2015

December 31, 2015By HannahJournal No Comments

We’ve made it! The end of 2015 is here! I have survived another year, and honestly, it was one of the best years of my life. Here are some of the positive highlights from the past year: I fell in love with one of my best friends I was awarded scholarship money for the college … Read More