Wild Web Women is an education company that supports female entrepreneurs who run web-based (or primarily web-based) companies, teaching success-backed ways to brand, build, and boost business. I was formerly an intern for their sister company and had the opportunity to work alongside a team of amazing women. I am so excited and honored to share that I now have an interview featured on their site!


Hannah Lansford is a special interviewee for us! Unlike other women we interview, Hannah does not run her own full-time business (although she does take on small web-based projects on the side) because she is employed as a Web Marketing Specialist for a Fortune 500 company in Atlanta. However, Hannah was formerly an intern for our sister company, Web Marketing Therapy, and we know that she is a fast-learner, critical thinker, and conscientious person who could rock her own business one day – should she choose to do it! Hannah is an incredible person, with deep insightfulness about work and life. It was a pleasure to catch up with her! She is truly a Wild Web Woman!

You can read the full interview here.